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Our Mission

The stated mission of the Huntsville Literary Association is "to promote and encourage the understanding, appreciation, and study of all forms of literature; to publish a literary magazine; and to sponsor activities that further these purposes. HLA publishes the literary magazine POEM twice a year. The Young Writers Contest is a major activity that encourages students to write poems and short stories and offers students public recognition, publication, and cash rewards."

This mission is carried out under the guidance of volunteer officers and board members, who are elected at the Annual Meeting. Funding for programs comes largely from annual membership dues and grants. Officers and Board members are listed below.

Officers and Board Members 2018-19

President Pamela Briggs
1st Vice President for Programs Rebecca Harbor Jones
2nd Vice President for Membership Liz Stagg
Treasurer Peggy Brosious East
Recording Secretary Judith H. Hayes
Corresponding Secretary Carol Ashburn Roach
Advisory Board
Leslie Thomas Collins
Leah Cusker
Bob Fletcher
Linda Fletcher
Abbiegail Hugine
Carey Link
Richard Modlin
Nancy Munson
Rose Norman
Mary Lee Prout
Monita Soni
Cheryl Stewart
Alice Tanner
Margaret J. Vann
Marcie H. Wingo
Eloise Alexander Winkler
Executive Board
Pamela Briggs
Millie Dempsey
Abby Dunham
Peggy Brosious East
Judith H. Hayes
Rebecca Harbor Jones
Anna Lee
Ann Marie Martin
Judi Moon
Harry Moore
Jeff Nelson
Carol Ashburn Roach
Jimmy M. Robinson
Evelyn Spearman
Bonnie Spencer
Liz Stagg
Jessica Temple
Beth Thames
Debbie D. West

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