We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Young Writers Contest. The winners can be seen by clicking the above link.

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Poetry Out Loud

Poetry Out Loud


Poetry Out Loud (POL) was piloted 11 years ago when National Endowment for the Arts chair, Dana Giola, partnered with the Poetry Foundation to design a program that would bring the love of poetry as it was meant to be, in oral form, back into the lives and curriculum of high school students across the nation.  HLA has supported Region 5 of the National Contest since it was first introduced in 2007. High school students from our region perform poetry from the Poetry Out Loud anthology. Alabama has added an original poetry competition at the regional and state level.  Sponsored by UAH at the regional level,  students who enter the regional and state competition may enter in the anthology category or the original poetry competition or both. Students who  win in the regional competition go to state in both categories. The national contest accepts only state winners in the anthology category.

This year the contest was held on December 1.  

The winners of the POL Region 5 Competition are:

Anthology Competition:

  • 1st place:  Raina Verser, New Century
  • 2nd place: Matthew Bao, James Clemens
  • 3rd place: Jessica Sloan,Bob Jones
  • 4th place: Virginia Moffett, Randolph School
  • 5th place: Cheyenne Trejo-Fischer

Original Poetry:

  • 1st place:  Raina Verser, New Century
  • 2nd place: Natalie Roberts, Lee
  • 3rd place: Emma Richards,Sparkman
  • 4th place: Jade Pride, Oakwood
  • 5th place: Sija Headrick, Bob Jones
The top four winners advance to state for the state championship in Montgomery, February 19, 2018.

First place winner in both categories is Raina Verser from New Century Technology. Raina's teacher is Rebecca Savage-Owens.
HLA awards $100 to the winner in each category...this year Raina received both awards.

Several HLA members participate in the contest including Carol Ashburn Roach, Jessica Temple,and Margaret Vann. Anna Lowe Weber,the POL Coordinator is assisted by Cythia Brasher and Lyndsey Torok, Staff Assistants in the UAH English Department. 



Anna Lowe Weber, POL coordinator; Rebecca Savage-Owens, New Century Technology Teacher for POL, Raina Verser, 1st place winner in anthology and original poetry from New Century Technology


Raina Versa, our dual winner from New Century Technology

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