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Alabama State Poetry Society Fall 2017 Awards

HLA Poetry Workshop award winners in Alabama State Poetry Society Fall 2017 Contests

There were a total of 367 entries in 17 different contests. Two contests were sponsored by Susan Luther, longtime HLA member, and one contest was sponsored by Jessica Temple, HLA Poetry Workshop member, teacher and author of Seamless and Other Legends.

HLA Poetry Workshop Members were among some of the winners.

HLA Poetry Workshop Winners
Contest 3. Poet's Choice 2nd Place Peggy Brosious East for Chysalis
Contest 4. The BKC Award 1st Place Virginia Gilbert for Photographs
Contest 10. The Scariest Halloween You Ever Had 3rd Place Mike Wald for The Ultimate Halloween Trick
Contest 12. Choose your own topic 1st Place Georgette Perry for her unnamed poem
Contest 16. The Time You
2nd Place Mike Wald for Like Being Dead

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